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This is an effort to capture the feelings of shame and anger associated with a woman being labeled “damaged goods,” and to some extent, the frustration caused by the persistence of traditional expectations of women. These are not illustrations of victims, but an attempt to share or release the little voices inside of women and girls who must grin and bear it. Their inner fear, shame, and anger. We are to be wife and mother, pure and sexy, independent yet married with a family, meek and strong all at once. We teach our girls they should be chaste and modest, and at the same time expect them to wear mini skirts, flirt, and “put out.” Girls are taught how to prevent themselves from being raped, but we do not teach how not to rape. What happens then, to a girl who is raped? She failed at her prevention. It is now her fault someone did this to her, but she can't talk about it without damning herself.

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